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About Us...

We founded Sound Family Health eight years ago. Our goal, and the goal of our dedicated staff of support professionals, was to provide the best quality care, and put the needs of our patients first. These commitments have continued to guide our practices and our policies. Frequently, this has meant taking that extra step, often behind the scenes, to smooth out our patient's journey through the rest of the health care system.

Over this same period of time, America's health care system has undergone some significant changes. Independent primary care providers have experienced a gradual decrease in reimbursements. At the same time, there has been an increase in the costs of unfunded service mandates and reporting. These trends are driving independent primary care providers like us out of business.

Many independent physicians have chosen to become employees or contractors in large hospital based organizations. Unfortunately, these physicians are no longer independent. The economic and corporate management interest of the large organizations often come into conflict with what the individual physician may believe to be in the best interests of the patient. As physicians, we did not want to be in this position. Over the past year, we searched for an economically sustainable solution that would allow us to remain independent. We were successful.

In order to keep our commitments intact, Sound Family Health has become a members-only Relational Primary Care ( RPC) practice.